Welcome to the Seattle Glider Council and
SGC Soaring Foundation

Photo credits: Fred Hermanspann, Tom Kreyche, Jim McNeil, Wayne Woodmansee,
Dave Doucette, Carl Niedermeyer

The Seattle Glider Council consists of members from around the Pacific Northwest who are interested in promoting and participating in the sport of soaring. The SGC manages a national caliber soaring site in Ephrata, Washington and also owns and operates two towplanes which are based in Ephrata during the soaring season which generally runs from mid-April to October. The towplanes are also available for flying safaris and encampments. The SGC also publishes an online newsletter, TOWLINE. Annual SGC membership costs $35.

The SGC Soaring Foundation is a subsidiary of the Seattle Glider Council. The Foundation's purposes are to:

support soaring education -

provide a venue for soaring activities -

promote soaring in the Pacific Northwest -

assist youth and new pilots to learn the joys of soaring -

sponsor regional, national and international soaring events

Foundation operations are based at the Training Center at the Ephrata Airport.

The SGC Soaring Foundation is a non-profit organization and has been granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS. Tax-deductible donations can be made to the SGC Soaring Foundation at the following address:

SGC Soaring Foundation

P.O. Box 7184

Bellevue, WA 98008-1184

Contributions can also be made via the Amazon Smile charity project - look for Sgc Soaring Foundation in the charity list.

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